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  • GSUIT 3D/4D Carbon

    strong firmness
    - Products added to film fabric with carbon to increase durability
    - This product has no surface discoloration with strong durability to life and crack unlike the existing PVC film

    Scratch resistance
    Paint surface on your vehicle can be effectively protected from scratches, stone chip and so on.

    Three / four dimensional and luxurious design
    It is a carbon-patterned PPF with a three / four dimensional design that creates a luxurious atmosphere not only through the exterior but also through interior work. It is generally very popular in areas such as side mirrors, spoilers, rear wings and front bumpers.

  • GSUIT Advantages

    GSUIT has been getting credit for the highest quality and meets market requirements and standards. In along the way to its outstanding performance, GSUIT has been not just going through various tests, but applied knowledge accumulated over a long period of extensive research and development.

    Long-term durability
    - Superior stain resistance & Anti – permeation
    - Discoloration

    Easy installation
    - Super stretched high elongation
    - Outstanding adhesion
    - Easy to remove without residue

    Perfect gloss & clarity

    Super hydrophobic & easy to clean

    Excellent self healing