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    • GSUIT Prime

      Instant self - healing performance without applying heat.
      Unique surface coating technology ensures the scratch resistance. It can help dented surface to bring back within seconds at room temperature without applying heat. Fine scratches such as swirl mark are immediately restored.

    • GSUIT Aegis

      Superior stain resistance & anti - permeation
      - Excellent stain resistant from dirt, oil, tar, bird dropping and bug splatter.
      - GSUIT Aegis is equipped with anti-permeation coating in order to remove contaminants easily.

      Super hydrophobic & easy to clean
      Super hydrophobic surface helps to clean your vehicle effortlessly and also remains a clean-car look for longer

    Anti Permeation test

    • GSUIT Ultra

      Outstanding stain resistance
      Bug splats, water spots, bird droppings, and road tar are some of the most common threats to every vehicle and they can happen at anytime. GSUIT PPF’s topcoat prevents a film and your vehicle from damage by providing continuous stain resistance.

      Excellent self healing
      Ultra PPF has self-healing layer. If you get minor scratches and swirl marks on your vehicle, just apply heat to where damages are and then they go away. Your vehicle can have long durability with GSUIT Ultra.

    Scratch Restoration After Heating

    • GSUIT Special

      Perfect gloss & clarity
      Marvelous coating film processing technology provides excellent gloss and transparency. Its durable optical clarity gives your car a shiny and lustre look.

      Excellent workability
      It is easy to apply and transform thanks to high elongation and surface treatment technology. GSUIT PPF offers repeatable adhesion and an excellent edge finish with no residue after film removal.

  • GSUIT Advantages

    GSUIT has been getting credit for the highest quality and meets market requirements and standards. In along the way to its outstanding performance, GSUIT has been not just going through various tests, but applied knowledge accumulated over a long period of extensive research and development.

    Long-term durability
    - Superior stain resistance & Anti – permeation
    - Discoloration

    Easy installation
    - Super stretched high elongation
    - Outstanding adhesion
    - Easy to remove without residue

    Perfect gloss & clarity

    Super hydrophobic & easy to clean

    Excellent self healing