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    Scratch resistance
    GSUIT Windshield protection coating offers excellent scratch resistance and can withstand common abrasion sources like windshield wipers.

    Easy installation
    It is easy to install thanks to our unique coating technology compared to other companies

    Hydrophobic & easy to clean
    Super hydrophobic surface helps to clean your vehicle effortlessly and also remains a clean-car look for longer

    Excellent durability
    The adhesion of the coating layer is excellent.
    It turns out the coating layer is not peeled off by the wiper

GSUIT Windshield Feature

Products Feature
Test Item A
Test Condition
Thickness 120 112 87 70 Thickness gauge
Coating adhesion Initial 30/100 100/100 100/100 100/100 ASTM D3559
Cross cut Test
Boiling water 85/100 100/100 100/100 100/100 ASTM D3559
Cross cut Test
(95℃x 5min)
Optical properties Tt(%) 91.56 91.74 91.83 91.49 ASTMD 1003
Haze(%) 0.8 0.27 0.37 0.07
Contact angle Water(˚) 90.2 105.1 89.3 104.3 ASTM D5946
Pencil hardness 7H 4H H 2H ASTM D3363 (750g)
Steel wool test No defect No defect No defect No defect Steel wool #0000
2kg/4㎠/10 times
2~5 scratches 5~10 scratches several scratches No defect Steel wool #0000
2kg/4㎠/1000 times
Many defect Many defect Many defect No defect Steel wool #0000
4kg/4㎠/1000 times

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  • GSUIT Advantages

    GSUIT has been getting credit for the highest quality and meets market requirements and standards. In along the way to its outstanding performance, GSUIT has been not just going through various tests, but applied knowledge accumulated over a long period of extensive research and development.

    Long-term durability
    - Superior stain resistance & Anti – permeation
    - Discoloration

    Easy installation
    - Super stretched high elongation
    - Outstanding adhesion
    - Easy to remove without residue

    Perfect gloss & clarity

    Super hydrophobic & easy to clean

    Excellent self healing